Drive business success with strategic communication

Looking for ways to capture attention for your business? At NPG Sport & Communication, we offer specialized services in commercial consultancy, communication consultancy, and content production to help you get heard, acknowledged, and confident in conveying your message.

With over 30 years of experience in the media and communication industry, we understand the critical role that effective communication plays in building a successful brand, not just a business. Let us help you to elevate your brand’s reach and impact.


Communication strategy

We can develop a communication strategy that aligns with your company's strategic objectives, outlining how communication can play a key role in achieving these objectives.

Plan for Communication or Launch

Plan for how businesses can build awareness of specific products, services or events.

Plan for contact with authorities

Plan for influencing regulatory processes to safeguard the interests of the business.

Crisis and contingency plan

Plan for handling potential, unforeseen and dramatic events that could put the company's values ​​at risk.

Ongoing communication assistance

Ad-hoc strategic communication advice, implementation of specific measures, media management and development of message material (press releases, message notes, etc.)

Management for hire

Rental of senior communication resources.

Media training for managers and spokespersons

General training and competence building, or preparations in connection with specific requests and interviews.

Crisis exercise

Businesses are trained in handling real crisis scenarios.


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