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Green event

See what we did to certify Volue Gathering as a Green event

On 28th September, the IT-company, Volue, gathered their employees at Lillehammer to participate in the Sustainable certified event, Volue Gathering. As their event partner, we handled the process of getting the event Eco-certified as a Green Event. 

Building corporate culture

In 2020, Volue was created to fast-track the green transition, founded by some of the most innovative technology companies in the industry. Now, they are a leading technology supplier and enabler of the green transition with 730 employees across 40 countries. The goal of the event was to gather all employees under one roof, build corporate culture and unite the employees around their core values: Trustworthy, Explorers, Together and Sustainability. The values are their guiding stars for all aspects of work life in Volue.

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Bootcamp and kilowatt hours

On behalf of Volue, we have handled the entire process of getting the event certified as a green event. As their event partner, we have also been responsible for the planning, organizing and execution of the entire event which took place over several days. 630 participated at Volue Gathering in Lillehammer. The event consisted of management meetings, industry insights, boot camp with running and yoga, gala dinners, entertainment, and networking.

Getting the event certified as a sustainable event through Eco-Lighthouse, required a sustainable focus in all phases of planning and implementation, from the selection of suppliers, venue, catering, transport, waste management, and energy consumption.

The event took place at an eco-certified hotel and all catering was short-traveled and organic. Among other things, we have reported Co2 emissions per kilometer for the means of transport used, the number of kilograms of potential food waste, and how many kWh were used for the event. In addition, the participants were encouraged to make sustainable choices during their stay.

Core values

Volue’s four values; Trustworthy, Explorers and Together, were the guiding stars throughout the whole event. With activities such as the Together festival, Explore Lillehammer, interactive value games and yoga, the core values were represented at all stages of the event. As an event- and exhibition partner, NPG is also Eco-Lighthouse certified and focuses on green choices in our daily operations.

We are proud to have assisted Volue in certifying the Volue Gathering as a green event. This shows words to action and has given us valuable knowledge about the implementation of sustainable events in the future.

Charlotte Ringnes Relling
Project Manager, NPG

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