Event Trends

What are the most important event trends? We take a closer look at different aspects and solutions such as hybrid events, sustainability, and interactive experiences. Physical events Physical events are by far the most important and impactful kind of event. Being in the same place and sharing an experience with others makes everything more meaningful and memorable. ...
Participants at a conference / seminar

Conference or Seminar – What’s the Difference?

Conference or Seminar - What's the Difference? Are you thinking of organizing a conference or a seminar, or have you received an invitation in your inbox? While many have attended both conferences and seminars before, it's not always easy to distinguish between the two forms. Conferences and seminars may seem relatively similar at first glance, but there are ...
Teambuilding - kollegaer gir hverandre High Five

Teambuilding and internal events

What are the benefits of team building and internal events? An internal event is primarily about strengthening the company culture. Teambuilding engages and motivates employees, leading to benefits such as increased loyalty and stronger relationships. After several years of the pandemic and strict restrictions, the need for social gatherings is greater than ever before. NPG sees the ...
Gruppebilde av personer på en firmafest med konfetti

Company party | Ideas for Entertainment, Themes and Planning

Planning a company party? Company parties are a great way to bring employees together and strengthen the company culture. As a social break and an opportunity to get to know each other outside the office, company parties are more important for the company than you might think.Whether you are a CEO, manager, or employee, company parties are ...
Volue Grønt arrangement NPG volue logo

Green event

On 28th September, the IT-company, Volue, gathered their employees at Lillehammer to participate in the Sustainable certified event, Volue Gathering. As their event partner, we handled the process of getting the event Eco-certified as a Green Event. Building corporate culture In 2020, Volue was created to fast-track the green transition, founded by some of the most innovative technology ...
Mediemarkedet i endring

The media market is changing

The media market is undergoing significant changes, with digital media in combination with live media such as trade shows and events on the rise. After years of the pandemic, there is a strong desire to meet in person again. Many now recognize the value and impact of personal interaction. Effective communication, body language, and relationship-building are ...
Digitalt event

Digital event

Build essential relationships with employees, customers, and partners through engaging digital events.  NPG has the solutions for you to gather clients and colleagues in an engaging digital event format.We develop compelling digital events that capture participants' interest, using well-crafted directorial concepts, technical production, and an interactive and highly user-friendly digital event platform. All tailored to your ...

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