Sørbø Industribeslag can boast of having over 30,000 products in its impressive range. But when it came to showcasing this impressive number of products at a trade fair, they knew they needed something truly special.

Together with NPG, Sørbø developed a complete trade fair solution for their participation at Bygg Reis Deg, Norway’s largest meeting place for the construction industry.

We also created an animated product film which was shown at the booth and streamed through digital channels. Visitors at the fair were drawn in by the visual magic emanating from the animation film, and they were curious to explore everything Sørbø had to offer.

  • Date
    October 2022
  • Client
    Sørbø Industribeslag
  • Project
    Complete trade fair concept with design, stand and 3D animation video
Sørbø skisse NPG

Visual illusions and effects have a magical ability to capture immediate interest. They draw us into a world of astonishing visual experiences.

An animated film with impressive visual illusions and exciting effects serves as a powerful marketing tool for Sørbø. By showcasing the film at trade fairs and events, they could present their wide range of products in an engaging and memorable way. The audience is taken on a journey that highlights what Sørbø has to offer.

With the animation film’s long lifecycle, it can be used after the trade fair. It can be shared on social media, displayed on websites, and used in various campaigns.

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