VPK's factory opening

On 23 September 2022, VPK celebrated the opening of its high-tech corrugated board factory in Halden. The factory is built with the latest technology and uses artificial intelligence and advanced automation.

VPK is an international supplier of corrugated cardboard from recycled paper fibres and opened a new factory in 2020. Due to the pandemic, the opening ceremony was postponed. When the opening day finally came, it was all smiles, as expected. The factory opening marks the start of a new chapter for VPK, and consisted of a ribbon-cutting, a factory tour and an evening event for VPK’s employees.

Offisiell åpning av fabrikk_VPK fabrikkåpning_åpningssermoni_event_NPG
Klipping av snor under VPK fabrikkåpning. Event arrangert av NPG. Bilde.

NPG's Kristian and Charlotte really met our expectations, and then some. With good solutions and suggestions, they really made the planning process and execution a whole lot easier for us. Attention to detail, easy to get hold of, good communication and professional behaviour. They have been delightful to work with! We highly recommend NPG to others who want to arrange an event later.

Tone Waaraas
VPK Packaging Nordic
  • Dato
    3. – 6. Mars 2020
  • Kunde
    Nortura PROFF
  • Prosjekt
    Konseptutvikling, 3D skisser, planlegging og gjennomføring av messestand, prosjektledelse, merkevareopplevelse

Core values

NPG has assisted with specialist expertise from concept and idea to planning, developing and implementing the official opening and evening event for employees. Designer Darien Sasic Barisa has been responsible for the design of the scenography and entrance portal.

The inspiration for the concept is drawn from technology, nature, growth and sustainability. Cardboard begins its life as a tree. Recreating a forest of cardboard trees with its countless possible details and variants illustrated both cardboard’s versatility and circle of life parallel with VPK’s work.

The result was a scenography and entrance portal anchored in VPK’s core business. The scenography had elements from the Nordic landscape with layers that cast shadows, creating a sense of depth and dynamism. The event helped to build relationships between the employees and strengthen the company culture.


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Foredrag på VPK fabrikkåpning.