Make the most out of your exhibition participation

Get attention with a high-impact exhibition stand that reflects your brand and communicate directly with your target audience.

Our 30+ years of experience delivering exhibition stands for some of the largest trade fairs across the globe has allowed us to refine our skills and deliver strong brand experiences in real-world meetings between people. Our goal is to create value for you and your target audience.

At NPG, you will meet our team of dedicated employees who will work closely with you to maximize the effect of your trade fair participation. Our approach is to deliver your stand within budget, but without compromise on the quality, so that it exceeds expectations.

Our experienced project managers follow up on all details and ensure that delivery takes place in accordance with national and regional laws and regulations.

Through many years of experience in the international event and trade fair market, we have access to a worldwide contact network of suppliers and partners.


Concept development

We render your trade fair stand in visual concepts to ensure the quality of the process from concept to finished product. We handle everything from concept, design and implementation of the stand project. When designing stand concepts, many factors come into play, including functionality, design, creativity, the company's profile, presentation of products and solutions, activities and interactive solutions at the stand.

3D visualization and stand design

With great experience in architectural design, NPG is an industry leader in 3D visualization. We create eye-catching 3D renderings of your exhibition stand. We understand the iterative nature of designing. Stand visualization is the art of creating 3d images from a 3d model to showcase the exhibition booth or design project in a visual and unique way. We also create detailed plans and illustrations of your stand.

Project management and strategic consulting

We have well-established routines for coordinating exhibitors, suppliers and other parties. It creates openness and predictability in the projects we participate in and ensures that agreed milestones are met. The project manager will follow the project from beginning to end and ensure that your interests are taken care of throughout the process. NPG always works with detailed progress and implementation plans in our projects. Prosjektlederen vil følge prosjektet fra begynnelse til slutt, og sikre at dine interesser blir ivaretatt gjennom hele prosessen. NPG arbeider alltid med detaljerte fremdrifts- og gjennomføringsplaner i våre prosjekter.

Production, assembly and disassembly of trade fair stands

NPG has extensive experience related to the complete delivery of the stand, including production, assembly and disassembly. A dedicated project manager will be available during assembly and the first opening day to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Brand experience and engaging activities

To create brand experience is to create an ambience. Create the right ambience with a stunning stand design, the latest in technology and engaging activities, to bring your exhibition stand design together. Activities can range from pop-up restaurants, competitions, gamification and interactive solutions such as a photo bar or VR gaming.

Content production

Reach your customers with professional streaming, content production and digital marketing. Our Media Production team develops concepts and content for your digital production, in line with your corporate strategy. Our mantra is that something happens when people meet. Digital tools are a bridge builder for the good meeting places. We create content that makes the experience unique, engages, creates impressions and builds your brand. We have great experience from a wide range of products and services within media production.


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