Reach your target audience with visual communication

Are you looking for a team that can deliver video, animations, and future-oriented solutions? We at NPG media can help you hit the mark with content so that you capture the attention of your target audiences. We like to believe that something special happens when people meet. Digital tools are a bridge-builder to enhance dynamic meeting spaces.

We create content that crafts a unique experience, that leaves a lasting impression and strengthens the connection between your brand and audience. Our media team has a high level of competence and experience from working in demanding industries such as film, television, and animation. So you can feel comfortable knowing your content production is in safe hands.



Need a professional photographer? We know how to capture the special moments - at any events, exhibitions or conference.

Video production

Need content for social media, campaigns or course videos?

We assist with the production of video for all types of digital surfaces and take care of the entire production, from idea to finished product. Our creative team assists with content that tells your story - with commitment and measurable results. We help with the preparation of scripts (storytelling) and subtitling in several languages.


Create a visual experience that strengthens your message with animation. It's about creating content that provides high value and creates engagement. Through an amplified and clear message, animations can help make your brand even stronger, right at the intersection where visual effects are combined with what you have on your mind.

Animation is mainly divided into 2D and 3D. And the buzz words VR and AR are also included here. We master all technologies, techniques and applications. At NPG, we have high competence and long experience in creating the perfect animation for you.

Live broadcasts

Broadcast live on all channels! We broadcast directly from our studio in Bygdøy allé, or out on site. Do you want to send directly from a train, or a moving car? We got you covered!

We scale and tailor the broadcast and the number of participants according to your needs. We develop and implement concepts and content so that you and your viewers get a professional broadcast with optimal professional benefits in an entertaining packaging.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

We got you covered with regards to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Digital Solutions

Create a wow factor with interactivity and media content on new surfaces. You may have experienced something spectacular in the form of a visual experience that has made you stop. Where technology, experience, participation and digital content merge into a higher entity? Something that creates a “buzz”?

"Tech solutions" are physical installations that fit well as eye-catchers at trade fair stands and events, and make your brand stand out with something unique. Together we can produce tech solutions that are spectacular, cost-effective and with the possibility of reuse and scaling.

3D printing

We create product models and prototypes in 3D.


Ready to collaborate?


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