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Brand Experiences

Brand Experiences | How to create a stronger connection between audience and brand at trade shows?

Brands are not just a name or a logo – they should also provide a living experience that engages the senses and creates memorable experiences. Good brand experiences involve creating positive, meaningful, and consistent interactions for customers when encountering the brand. Generating positive experiences that stand out and leave a lasting impression is essential for building strong connections between your brand and your target audience.

The key to creating good brand experiences at trade shows lies in unique design, interactivity, and engaging activities that reinforce consumers’ relationship with the brand. Direct interaction provides a unique opportunity to establish and expand business relationships and can also be crucial in forming stronger connections between audiences and the brand.

As a leading agency in brand activation, we at NPG specialize in creating unique and engaging experiences for our national and international clients, both domestically and abroad. Through interdisciplinary collaboration between departments, we develop comprehensive concepts with meticulously crafted design, content, and interactive solutions.

To create brand experiences at trade shows, it's important to maximize every square meter and have a strong trade show concept. The booth should be functional and appealing, in line with the exhibitor's visual identity. Quality content and activities promote the brand and attract visitors to the booth.

Veronica Fredriksen
Marketing Manager, NPG

What steps do we take to foster positive brand experiences?

Through close collaboration between NPG Design, NPG Exhibition, and NPG Media, we work dedicatedly to create tailor-made trade show booths that not only provide unforgettable moments but also engage their target audience. We are committed to creating standout holistic experiences. We understand that each business is unique, and therefore, we work to tailor services to meet customers’ individual needs and objectives.

From design to bespoke booth

At NPG, we have extensive experience in designing and delivering trade show booths. We complete a large number of booth projects every year, both domestically and internationally. With approximately 650 executions annually, we know what it takes to be visible at the trade show. Our main focus is on designing impressive trade show booths that stands out. 

NPG Design provides everything you need in design. Our in-house designers have extensive experience in delivering brand experiences that convey your message and visualize your idea. Our designers creates concepts, 3D visualization, technical sketches, graphic design, and motion design. Our focus is on delivering in line with your expectations.

Previous project:

Strai kjøkken made their debut at the Bygg Reis Deg trade show for the first time. At NPG, we had the opportunity to transform Strai’s concepts and ideas into impressive 3D visualizations. A collaboration between NPG’s exhibition and design departments resulted in an elegant trade show booth that presented Strai’s Norwegian-produced kitchens and bathrooms in a very fine manner.

Participation at the trade show was a resounding success, where they met new and existing customers, presented unique solutions, and built their brand. Throughout the busy days at the trade show, Strai garnered several leads from both professional and private customers that will now be followed up within the chain’s dealer network.

Strai 3D visualisering av messestand
3D skisse
Strai kjøkken på Bygg Reis Deg 2023
Realisert prosjekt

Streaming and digital presence

Creating a digital presence before, during, and after the trade show is a strategic initiative to enhance the brand experience. NPG Media can assist with digital presence. By sharing content, live updates, and encouraging participation on social media, this will extend the experience and engagement with the brand.

Streaming put in to practice:

During Bygg Reis Deg, NPG’s media department was present to stream a lecture directly from the trade show. The assignment was carried out on behalf of Talgø Møreroyal where their ambassador, Halvor Bakke, held the lecture “Adventure Projects” directly from the booth. Bakke is known from the TV show “Eventyrlig Oppussing”. Live streaming from the booth is a fantastic opportunity to increase reach and reach target audiences who are not physically present at the trade show.

Merkevareopplevelse_Halvor bakke streamiing fra messestand_halvor bakke
Lecture by Halvor Bakke and live broadcasting from the booth at Bygg Reis Deg

Trade show activities

Organizing activities and creating a positive atmosphere is crucial for attracting and engaging visitors while also contributing to creating positive associations with the company. Here, only creativity sets the limits for what we can achieve. NPG can facilitate and design trade show booths that enable activities, such as seminars or lectures. Trade show activities can be food and drinks, catering and entertainment. 

Trade show activities put into practice:

At Maxbo‘s booth during Bygg Reis Deg, visitors could participate in competitions and seminars. The activities held at the booth provided visitors with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, explore Maxbo’s product categories, and test out some of the products. Additionally, popcorn and drinks were handed out to the visitors.

Overall, Maxbo created a positive experience consisting of a good atmosphere, impressive expertise, clear communication, lots of laughter, and competitions. The experience was a successful combination of expertise and joy, where participants interacted with the brand through seminars and fun activities.

Maxbo popcorn merkevareopplevelser messe messestand NPG
Popcorn at Maxbo's booth at Bygg Reis Deg

Personal Interaction

Conversations, interactions, and physical trade shows play a crucial role in building strong relationships and creating valuable experiences for both brands and their target audiences. One-on-one conversations at trade shows allow for immediate feedback and the opportunity to respond directly to questions from visitors. This can be crucial for building trust and understanding.
NPG is your partner when it comes to creating customized booths that facilitate interactions while presenting your products or services.

Through interactions, visitors can experience services in a more hands-on way. This creates a more holistic experience and can help them understand what the brand offers. Trade shows are also a perfect arena for networking. This can be valuable for both the brand and visitors to establish collaborations and future opportunities.

Do you want to learn how to create brand experiences?

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