World Wrestling

The World Wrestling Championships has offered the world’s best wrestlers, excitement, entertainment, dedicated supporters, celebrations together with international press coverage! The World Wrestling Championships in Oslo is one of the largest ever sporting events to be held in Norway.

It is with great commitment and pride that NPG is part of the prestigious world championship. On behalf of the organizer, the Norwegian Wrestling Federation, NPG has contributed with our expertise in concept development, visualization, setup and delivery of the arena.

vm i bryting oslo
norges bryteforbund_vm bryting_vm bryting 2021_vm bryting oslo_bryte vm_bryte-vm oslo 2021
  • Date
    2. – 10. October 2021
  • Client
    Norwegian Wrestling Federation
  • Project
    Concept development, visualization, setup and delivery of the arena and the Fanzone area
VM i bryting_bryteVM_npg

We have received fantastic feedback on transforming the ice hockey hall at Jordal into an international world-class multi-purpose arena.

We look back at 1 year of planning to facilitate the Championships. We delivered the concept descriptions and content, arena drawings and conceptual visualization, and a detailed delivery and project setup in connection with the arena production.

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