Sustainability and
social responsibility

Reducing our ecological footprint

At NPG, we have a dedicated focus on sustainability and social responsibility. We implement measures for a more environmentally friendly operation and healthy working environment.

We are Eco-Lighthouse certified and work continuously to improve our green efforts towards a more sustainable future. Eco-Lighthouse is Norway’s most widely used certification scheme for enterprises seeking to document their environmental efforts and demonstrate social responsibility.

As an international partner, it is essential for us to comply with our ethical principles, business standards, and safety guidelines, regardless of the market in which we operate. NPG ensures that all our activities are carried out in accordance with local and national laws and regulations, and our subcontractors are quality assured through our Supplier Declaration.

  • Environment

    We have a dedicated focus on the environment and sustainability for a number of years, and have implemented several measures:

    Reuse and recycling:

    In NPG, we focus on using equipment and materials that can be reused or recyled. This includes rental of furniture, carpets, rigs, technical equipment, signage, profiling and more. We also emphasize sustainability when choosing decor, design and any give-aways, where reuse possibilities, material choices and utility value are strongly emphasized.

  • Materials

    NPG always selects materials that are approved in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Transportation

    NPG uses local suppliers where appropriate, and if it does not come at the expense of the quality of delivery.

  • Food

    NPG encourages short-distance food and emphasizes that our suppliers have good routines for how surplus food is handled.

  • Technology

    At NPG, we use technological solutions at events and exhibitions that makes an impact. Digital tools are a bridge builder for the engaging interactions between brands and their target audience. We also encourage our clients to minimize the use of paper, and rather use digital solutions to enhance their marketing efforts.

  • Safety

    NPG always complies with safety regulations, fire regulations and current legislation. NPG staff regularly participate in training courses and there are good routines in place for dealing with any emergencies.

    We can document the use of approved products and materials, both in terms of fire and safety. NPG requires that our suppliers comply with safety regulations and applicable laws during assembly, implementation and disassembly.

  • Ethics, standards and principles

    NPG follows the same ethical guidelines and business standards on all our projects. This entails requirements for best business practice and working conditions with partners and subcontractors. NPG ensures that all activities related to the contract are carried out in accordance with the local and national laws and regulations, and subcontractors are quality assured in accordance with NPG's Supplier Conduct Principles.

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