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Aasland Graff & Partners is NPG Sport & Communication

Aasland Graff & Partners now called NPG Sport & Communication

Aasland Graff & Partners, alongside Norwegian Promotion Group (NPG), now called NPG Sport & Communication. Will together become Norway’s first full-service agency for sports and business.

Merging together

Along with Aasland Graff & Partners, we now have a unique combination of services. NPG Sport & Communication is taking a position in the Norwegian market that has never been done before, becoming Norway’s first full-service agency for sports and business. Formerly Aasland Graff & Partners, now NPG Sport & Communication has been delivering communication services and commercial advice focused on sports and athletics for many years. We will continue to do this together, but now under the NPG brand.

NPG Sport & Communication.

NPG Sport offers arena development, marketing, sponsorships, media rights, VIP sales, and partner concepts. NPG Communication offers strategic communication, PR and media contacts, media training, crisis communication, government contacts, and content production.

NPG’s two new departments will be located at Ullevaal Stadium.


Arena development, Marketing, Sponsorships, Media rights, VIP sales, and Partner concepts.



Communication strategy, PR plans, government and media contacts, media training, crisis communication, and content production.



Ronny Aasland

Partner – NPG Sport & Communication 

Ronny Aasland is a Partner in NPG Sport & Communication. Ronny was the commercial director of the Norwegian Football Association for more than 15 years and has been a group advisor for NFF’s subsidiaries Ullevaal Stadion AS, Ullevaal Stadion Idrett AS, Meet Ullevaal AS, and Idrettens Helsesenter in recent years. 

He has also worked for 20 years in banking and finance, and Aasland was the main architect behind NFF’s commercial development and contributed to landing major and long-term sponsorship deals on behalf of the football association.


Svein Graff

CEO – NPG sport & Communication 

Svein Graff is the CEO for NPG Sport & Communication. Svein has held various leadership positions in the media and communications industry for over 20 years. He was the Director of Communication and Society at the Norwegian Football Association. Prior to that, he was the CEO of the production company Ullevaal Media Center (UMC), and he has previously worked at TV 2, NRK, Norwegian Top Football, and Vålerenga. 

Graff has broad experience, both strategically and operationally, and has worked extensively on developing communication strategies, corporate and leadership communication, branding and reputation, crisis communication, and media training, among other things.

Marianne Aasland

Commercial Manager – NPG Sport & Communication

Marianne is our commercial manager for NPG Sport & Communication. Marianne has many years of experience in commercial work. She was the commercial manager at Meet Ullevaal with responsibility for the VIP concept at Ullevaal Stadium before being employed as commercial manager at Aasland Graff & Partners. She has worked closely with large parts of the business community and has been involved in numerous major events in music and sports.

Marianne also has several years of experience as a sales director in the hotel industry and is very familiar with sports and the commercial players in the business community.

Lena Aasland

Project Coordinator – NPG Sport & Communication

Lena Aasland is our project coordinator for NPG Sport & Communication. Lena has several years of experience from the pharmaceutical industry. Since 2015, she has worked at Roche Diagnostics where she has held positions such as Medical Sales Developer, Account Manager, and Customer Lifecycle Manager.

She has worked with process-based, measurable and developing sales training, tracking the company’s performance, and planning, executing and following up on the company’s Customer Lifecycle Management strategy towards selected customer segments.

With a strategic and analytical mind, she has the overall responsibility for the projects of NPG Sport & Communication.

Magnus Leraand Forseth

Sponsoransvarlig & Kommersiell Rådgiver – NPG Sport & Communication

Magnus Laraand Forseth is our sponsorship manager and commercial advisor for NPG Sport & Communication. Magnus has a background in the football industry where he has worked for organizations such as Norsk Toppfotball (NTF) and the football club Lyn 1896. He worked for the commercial department of NTF before moving up to become the marketing manager for Lyn 1896 Football Club.

Magnus is a highly skilled problem solver in his work for the company, the market, and its customers.

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