Dominic Coles

Dominic Coles and NPG establish collaboration for international sports marketing

Dominic Coles becomes part of NPG's international sports marketing team

NPG Sport & Communication forms a partnership with former BBC Sports Director and Head of Discovery in Northern Europe, Dominic Coles. Coles will lead sports marketing and sponsorship consultancy for the sports agency in London.

“We see that many of our projects have an international dimension, especially in the sponsorship world, where access to European headquarters is crucial for many international deals,” says Espen Skoland, partner and CEO of NPG Sport & Communication.

“Dominic has over 20 years of experience in the media and sports industry. He served as the sports director for BBC for over ten years and currently operates a similar business to ours in London. With an extensive network, he becomes an extension of us and our clients into the international sports marketing and sponsorship arena,” adds Skoland.

Dominic Coles
Dominic Coles: Fra sitt kontor i London skal Coles drive sports marketing og sponsorrådgivning for NPG Sport & Communication.

Coles is not entirely unfamiliar to Skoland and his partner and former Discovery colleague, Harald Strømme. Coles was their boss when he led Discovery’s Northern European operations.

We know Dominic well, especially Harald. It was Harald who managed to persuade him to pay 2.4 billion for the Eliteserien at the time, which was the largest rights investment for Discovery in a single market. He was the one holding the gun to our heads when negotiating distribution agreements around the football deal. Since then, we have maintained good contact. We look forward to working with him again, says Skoland.

Harald Strømme og Espen Skoland
From our office at Ullevaal: Both Espen Skoland (left) and Harald Strømme (right) are familiar with Dominic Coles. Coles was their boss when he led Discovery's Northern European operations

Coles looks forward to collaborating with the newly established and rapidly growing sports agency.

“We are already well underway with the collaboration, and I am well aware of what Harald and Espen represent. We share common business interests and values, and it’s gratifying to contribute now that there are many prominent figures from Norway with a strong international brand.,” says Dominic Coles.

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