Er du på utkikk etter en dyktig leverandør for bygging av visningssenter eller showroom? Da har du kommet til rett sted.

Creating your ideal showroom: From design to construction

We design and construct your showroom

Looking for a skilled provider for the construction of your showroom? Then, you have come to the right place.

At NPG, we have extensive experience in building exhibition stand and showrooms.  Our project managers and designers guide you throughout the entire process.

Our focus is on tailored design solutions that cater to your needs and preferences. This includes customization of design, layout, and functionality according to your specifications. We offer a complete service, from the design phase to completion, including follow-ups and any necessary post-work.

We have a unique range of services incorporating new technology, materials, or design concepts that stand out.

Our previous projects include Brødfabrikken at Løren and Meierikvartalet in Lillestrøm and Munch Brygge in collaboration with Stor-Oslo Eiendom. See more details below. 

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Meierikvartalet | 3D skisse av et visningssenter designet og bygget av NPG

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Stor-Oslo Eiendom developed an exciting urban quarter near Lillestrøm station. Meierikvartalet offers a unique residential experience with 350 apartments.

We played a central role in the construction and implementation of the showroom for Meierikvartalet. Our responsibilities included the design and construction of this project, involving the transformation of a space into a functional showroom, interior, graphic production, and decoration.

To generate interest and capture the attention of Lillestrøm residents and potential buyers, we placed a banner wall in front of the facade. The facade was illustrated with a gift-wrapping theme during the unveiling of the showroom. This caught attention and became a topic of conversation before the actual opening of the showroom.

Meierikvartalet | 3D skisse av et visningssenter designet og bygget av NPG

Bread Factory - Løren

In the heart of Løren, Stor-Oslo Eiendom has brought to life 520 apartments, and we have contributed to shaping the experience through the design and construction of the showroom. The Bread Factory – a place that challenges the ordinary and invites you to experience something truly unique.

Our vision was to establish a unique space where people could genuinely feel and envision the life they could lead. Visitors can explore interactive solutions. Colors, materials – everything is carefully chosen to promote the dream of a new home.

The location is central, right near Løren Metro station, and here, the Bread Factory is not just a residential complex, it also includes a kindergarten, cafe, and office building.

Brødfabrikken | NPG designer og bygger visningssenter for Stor-Oslo Eiendom

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