Like Muligheter

Join the fight for equal opportunities in sports

Join the effort to promote equality in sports!

“Like Muligheter” (Norwegian for “equal opportunities”) is NPG Sport and Communication’s conscientious effort to raise awareness about equal opportunities in sports.

We collaborate with The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF), advocacy groups, sports clubs, sponsors, and famous athletes to increase the number of female managers and improve the financial conditions for women’s sports. It is time for action. Money and resources must be allocated to specific goals and measures in different sports, from a club level all the way to the top level of professional sports.

Girls and boys do not have equal opportunities when participating in sports. They experience different requirements for participation, different salaries and prize money, and different practice conditions. Women in sports generally gain less attention in the media and lower income from sponsors. It is, in short, a lot more challenging to make a living as a female athlete than as a male.

Like-Muligheter | Hvert år gjennomføres det en rekke fagseminarer og arrangementer i bredde- og toppidretten i regi av NPG.
Sports profile, Amalie Iuel, is one of the ambassadors for the project.

For the first time in the history of Norwegian sports, NIF, advocacy groups, sports clubs, athletes, and partners work together on a project of this kind.

The goal is for Like Muligheter to be the beginning of a national campaign that will lead to increased investments in women’s sports. If we are to raise women’s sports to a higher level, the sports industry, sponsors, the media, and the authorities all need to contribute.

Marianne Aasland
Commerical Manager, NPG Sport and Communication

Good role models as ambassadors

Athletes Caroline Graham Hansen, Maren Lundby, Grace Bullen, Amalie Iuel and Emilie Moberg are all Like Muligheter ambassadors, participating on a grassroots level. They are also the faces of equality and Like Muligheter in the media, through campaigns and on Social Media. Like Muligheter work with the authorities, and seek lasting changes on all levels in the sports industry. LO, Coop and Thon are the main sponsors. RSM is also an important partner.

The main goal of the first stage is to ensure that girls have the same conditions as boys in sports. We wish to start a national common effort, and make our voices heard. We want to stop talking and start acting. We believe that no one can make the needed changes alone, and we are one the side of everyone who work for equal opportunities. Our goals and measures are clear, and let us make sure that all resources that are granted the sports clubs are used for the right purposes. Project managers follow up every club, and make sure that they provide full reports on how the money is spent, and what initiatives they launch.

Join the fight for equal opportunities in sports

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