Digitalt event

Digital event

Reach your target audience with digital events.

Build essential relationships with employees, customers, and partners through engaging digital events.  NPG has the solutions for you to gather clients and colleagues in an engaging digital event format.

We develop compelling digital events that capture participants’ interest, using well-crafted directorial concepts, technical production, and an interactive and highly user-friendly digital event platform. All tailored to your brand and content.

NPG Event develops digital events with a strong focus on user-friendliness and technical excellence. We combine the success factors of physical gatherings with digital event technology to deliver a unique participant experience.

  • Personalized experience
  • Tailored content
  • Engagement-driven solutions
  • Interaction and involvement
  • Live streaming, recordings, and breakout rooms
  • Opportunity for exhibitor and sponsor areas
  • User-friendly event platform for participants
  • Registration and participant communication
  • Effective planning, progress, and production

Hybrid event

Hybrid events combine the best of both physical and virtual gatherings, offering more benefits than either of these options alone.

We assist you in creating a content-rich platform with a unique format that enables engaging experiences for internal and external communication, brand building, interaction, and sales-focused activities.

We take care of all practical details and ensure a seamless execution. We can customize venues to your needs and have access to pre-set arenas with complete solutions for technical execution and live streaming. As our client, you can focus on your message and content while we take care of the rest.

Studio and Venues

NPG Sport & Communication is building a brand-new virtual TV studio at Ullevaal. We produce studio broadcasts, both live and recorded, panel discussions, interviews, kick-offs, courses, lectures, conferences, and general assemblies. We offer production from all locations and efficiently adapt venues for digital events and hybrid gatherings. Proven solutions and technical expertise ensure top-quality in every aspect.

Digital Event Platform

Create tailor-made and memorable experiences with online registration, an event app, and a digital event arena. A digital event platform manages the entire participant journey, providing extended reach and accessibility to a broader audience. The platform offers opportunities for interaction with access to a participant lobby, live broadcasting from the main stage, Q&A, chat function, breakout sessions, and group rooms.

Several benefits with digital events

Increased reach: Digital events can reach a larger audience as participants can join from anywhere in the world, removing geographical barriers.

Cost-effectiveness: Hosting digital events often requires lower costs compared to physical events, as there are no venue expenses, travel, or accommodation costs for attendees.

Flexibility: Participants can attend digital events at their own convenience, reducing scheduling conflicts and time constraints.

Data and analytics: Digital events provide valuable data and analytics on attendee behavior, engagement, and preferences, enabling better insights for future event planning and marketing strategies.

Interactivity: Digital events can offer various interactive features such as live Q&A sessions, polls, surveys, and networking opportunities, enhancing participant engagement.

Environmentally friendly: By eliminating the need for travel and reducing the consumption of physical resources, digital events are more eco-friendly.

Seamless Global Collaboration: Digital events facilitate collaboration between teams and participants from different locations, enhancing global connectivity.

Extended lifespan: Digital events can be recorded and made available on-demand, allowing participants to access the content even after the event has ended.

Personalization: Digital events can be tailored to individual participant preferences, providing a more personalized experience.

Innovation and technological advancements: Digital events leverage cutting-edge technologies, fostering innovation and creativity in event design and execution.

Digital press conference

At NPG, we have carried out several digital and hybrid events including assisting UNICEF Norway with the production and implementation of the digital press conference on the global vaccine challenge. 

UNICEF digital press conference
Behind the scenes: Digital event conference for UNICEF

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