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What are the most important event trends? We take a closer look at different aspects and solutions such as hybrid events, sustainability, and interactive experiences.

Physical events

Physical events are by far the most important and impactful kind of event. Being in the same place and sharing an experience with others makes everything more meaningful and memorable. As a host, you can engage with the participants directly and enrich the experience with a plethora of digital and analogous add-ons.

The future is hybrid

Pandemics, environmental concerns, rising plane ticket prices – the world may be moving away from the classical in-person event. The idea with hybrid is that people who can physically get their benefit from all the advantages of the physical event, and participants who experience the event remotely still get the best possible experience.
It is important to realize the different requirements of these two types of participants. If you want to get the most out of the hybrid event, you should put resources into both the digital and physical experience. The remote participants should feel like they are part of the event too, not just onlookers.

Sustainability and innovation

Green events are becoming increasingly important. There is a growing emphasis on creating environmentally sustainable events, including reducing waste, sourcing sustainable materials, and offsetting carbon emissions. NPG is both Eco Lighthouse certified and member of the Green Producers Club. With the Green Producers Tool, we can measure and reduce emissions of our event productions. The goal is to encourage industry-wide sustainability standards and best practices.

More frequent events with a smaller scale

One of the event trends we have seen recently is that many businesses and organizations have chosen to organize more, but smaller, events throughout the year, rather than one big event. These events are usually cheaper and more directed toward specific target groups.

Health and security

The covid-19 pandemic and current geopolitical climate have to some extent challenged our mindset when it comes to health and security. While venues and authorities may not require participants to wear masks anymore, it is important that all participants feel that they are in a secure area. Organizers should keep this in mind when choosing venues and services.


Attendees are increasingly looking for personalized experiences that cater to their individual preferences and needs. Event organizers are leveraging technology to collect data and provide tailored experiences, such as personalized agendas and networking opportunities.

Interactive experiences

Attendees are looking for immersive experiences that go beyond traditional presentations and panels. This includes interactive installations, augmented reality experiences, and gamification.

These trends are likely to continue evolving as the events industry adapts to new challenges and opportunities.

Event trends - immersive experiences

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