8 messetips du ikke vil gå glipp av

8 exhibition tips you don’t want to miss

Guide to success at your upcoming exhibition: 8 exhibition tips you don’t want to miss

1 – Define your exhibition goals

Kick off your exhibition planning by setting clear goals. Determine what you want to achieve, whether it’s brand recognition, generating leads, networking, launching a new product, or keeping an eye on your competitors.

With well-defined objectives in mind, you can tailor your stand design and messaging to maximize impact. Clear goals will sharpen your message and enable you to make the most of your exhibition before, during, and after the event.

2 – Stand design 

Ensure consistency in your exhibition stand design to reinforce your brand identity. Incorporate the company’s visual identity into all aspects of the stand, including materials, activities, and profiling.

An exhibition stand that is visually striking, attractive, and prominently positioned within the exhibition hall can enhance the overall brand experience. Clear messaging, an open and welcoming design, and a thoughtful layout can help you reach your exhibition goals by drawing in visitors and generating traffic to your stand. Whether you’re planning a small or large exhibition, we’re here to assist you.

Green Producers Club
Nortura PROFF på UMAMI Arena (tidligere SMAK messe)

3 – Sustainability

Make sustainable choices in the process of creating an exhibition stand. Materials can be reused, and you can make greener choices when it comes to purchasing, transportation, and reusing that reduce the carbon footprint.

4 – Invite customers to the exhibition

One exhibition tip is to build expectations and invite your customers to the exhibition. Give a teaser of what can be expected at the stand, whether it’s launches, activities, or content that creates engagement. Invite customers to meetings at the stand, distribute free tickets to the exhibition, inform about their participation in the exhibition on social media, newsletters, and the website. You can also create a separate event on Facebook where you regularly publish content. With targeted advertising, you reach the target groups more easily.

5 – Exhibition activities

Get visitors engaged by incorporating activities into your exhibition strategy. There are various ways to make your exhibition booth stand out, but an engaging activity is always a crowd-pleaser. By offering interactive experiences, customers are more likely to linger at your stand, giving you more time to engage with them. Activities can range from offering food and drinks, giveaways, VR gaming, photo booths, or contests that generate leads.

Effective planning of activities and content is crucial to exhibition success. Our project managers can guide you through the entire process, from planning to execution, ensuring a seamless experience.

Messeaktiviteter | Isklar med VR spill på sin stand under SMAK messen.
Engasjer besøkende på messestanden

6 – Maximize your digital visibility

Maximize your digital visibility to increase the impact of your exhibition participation. Social media platforms provide ample opportunities to engage your target audience, create buzz, and enhance your reach. By leveraging targeted marketing techniques, you can effectively reach your desired demographic and extend the impact of your trade show participation.

Before the event

Generate interest by promoting your participation through newsletters and social media posts. Showcase the unique experiences that visitors can expect at your stand and offer free tickets to increase attendance.

During the event

Expand your reach by creating visually appealing and easily-digestible content that can be easily produced and shared. Engage visitors who may not attend the trade show by offering interactive activities such as photo booths or social media contests.

After the event

Capitalize on the momentum by extending the impact of your trade show participation through visual communication on social media. This creates a synergy effect, as visual communication can be used both at your booth and as a valuable tool in your ongoing marketing efforts.

7 – Event

Consider organizing an event alongside your trade show participation. This could be a customer dinner, evening event, concert, or professional seminar. The common thread among these events is their ability to foster positive, long-term relationships. By providing a welcoming and enjoyable experience, you can strengthen connections with potential customers and industry colleagues alike.

8 – Evaluate

Evaluate the impact of your exhibition investment once the event is over. Did you meet your KPIs? What aspects of your strategy worked effectively, and what could be improved upon? Consider the number of leads generated, newsletter sign-ups, deals made, and how many invited guests visited your stand. By analyzing the impact of your exhibition participation, you can gain valuable insights to refine your strategy for future events.

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