A builder planning the assembly of sustainable exhibition stands at Nor-Shipping

Sustainable Exhibition Stands at Nor-Shipping

Sustainable Exhibition Stands

Brands and businesses can significantly benefit from a stronger focus on environmental sustainability in connection with events, gatherings, and trade show participation. Increased attention to procurement and material choices, as well as the use of new technology, will positively contribute to the climate and each company’s green profile.

As a leading industry player, NPG is dedicated to developing and implementing solutions that reduce our ecological footprint and preserve the environment. We aim to be an advisory partner for our clients, enabling them to make more conscious and sustainable choices.

Green Arena for Maritime Solutions

At this year’s premier event in the maritime sector, Nor-Shipping, all our booth projects were built using modular exhibition systems that can be reused and recycled. These systems are the most preferred and sustainable solutions for temporary constructions like exhibitions, trade show walls, and events. The exhibition systems have a long lifecycle and can be reused time and again.

For Nor-Shipping, we delivered stands for well-known brands like Yara Marine Technologies, TMC Compressors, Kongsberg Maritime, Jotun, Shell Marine and Westcon.

What these stands have in common is that they are built with 100% recyclable aluminum frames.

At NPG, we emphasize using equipment and materials with reuse possibilities. This includes furniture and fixture rentals, carpets, rigging, technical gear, and more. We strongly focus on the environment when selecting decor, design, and giveaways, emphasizing reuse, material choices, and utility. For materials that cannot be reused, we have effective recycling procedures.

En montør fra NPG som som bygger og setter opp en bærekraftig messestand.
On site: An NPG project manager during an assembly at Nova Spektrum.

The Path to Greener Exhibitions with Digital Tools

Technology, such as interactive screens and presentation systems, can replace printed brochures, catalogs, and posters. They reduce the amount of waste generated during the event and allow you, as an exhibitor, to update and customize information without physical changes.

Numerous Advantages of a Green Focus

There are several benefits to making green choices for exhibitions and events:

1. Reduced Environmental Impact

Using reusable and recycled materials for stands reduces the need for new resources, limiting the amount of waste generated. This helps to decrease the environmental impact.

2. Positive Reputation

Environmental sustainability can earn a company a positive reputation among customers, partners, and other stakeholders. Demonstrating a commitment to environmental protection and sustainable practices can attract and retain a broader audience that values and supports such initiatives.

3. Inspiration

Having, and showcasing, a stand made from reused and recycled materials can inspire others to do the same. This can raise awareness about the importance of recycling and encourage action from organizers, participants, and visitors alike.

Kongsberg Digital sin bærekraftige messestand på Nor-Shipping
Technologies For Sustainable Oceans: Kongsberg Maritime at Nor-Shipping

4. Cost Savings

By using reusable and recycled materials for stands, there is the potential to reduce costs associated with acquiring new materials.

5. Compliance with Regulations and Standards

Many countries have introduced laws that encourage or mandate sustainable practices. Integrating environmentally friendly measures into events and exhibition participation can ensure compliance with current regulations and standards.

6. Creativity

Focusing on the environment and sustainability challenges organizers and participants to think outside the box and find new ways to conduct events. This can stimulate innovation and creativity, leading to unique and memorable experiences for the audience.

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