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Teambuilding and internal events

What are the benefits of team building and internal events?

An internal event is primarily about strengthening the company culture. Teambuilding engages and motivates employees, leading to benefits such as increased loyalty and stronger relationships. After several years of the pandemic and strict restrictions, the need for social gatherings is greater than ever before. NPG sees the transformation that occurs when people come together. An internal event will build valuable relationships and bolster your company’s position.

What is the purpose?

An event aims to capture attention and engage – An internal event is intended to engage and inform employees. There are many ways to organize an event; we tailor the event according to your needs. Here are some examples of our internal events:

Leadership meeting, the team, or everyone?

• A leadership meeting is an excellent way to gather employees to develop leadership skills, disseminate knowledge, strengthen the network, and foster a sense of community within the company. A leadership meeting can improve overall communication within the company and enhance decision-making processes. Such an event can provide valuable information to the company, leading to significant success internally and externally. In collaboration with the energy company MER, we organized a leadership meeting with 50 employees.

• A kickoff or a training session can contribute to increasing employee motivation and fostering better collaboration. A kickoff clarifies the company’s goals and strategy and is a great way to introduce new routines, ideas, and projects. This, in turn, will engage employees in a positive way. That’s how Volue chose to gather its 600 employees for a green event in Lillehammer.

Teambuilding hvor to kvinner smiler og har interaksjon på et event

Why is teambuilding events important?

Teambuilding is used to strengthen collaboration, communication, culture, and trust, playing a crucial role in both individual and collective development:

• It enhances cooperation among employees and helps them become familiar with each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This can lead to more effective achievement of common goals.
• Shared activities promote quicker and clearer communication. At the same time, employees gain a better understanding of each other’s needs, resulting in improved outcomes.
• Various exercises during an internal event can strengthen trust among employees and make them more confident in each other. The advantage of such exercises lies in fostering mutual trust and increasing the sense of unity in the workplace.
• Internal events can reduce stress in the workplace and foster positive associations with the company, leading to increased job satisfaction.
• Different team-building activities can enhance creativity among employees. This can be achieved through tasks that encourage collaboration and stimulate new ideas and creative problem-solving.

Overall, team-building events contribute to improving the work environment.

Planning an internal event?

Look no further! We assist you with team-building and organizing internal events. Our role is to plan and ensure successful execution of the event. We aim to realize your expectations and goals. The event is tailored according to your company’s preferences, which includes choosing the venue, catering, entertainment, and logistics. NPG helps you with everything from generating ideas and making bookings to providing expert content.

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